Transitioning to Salt Lake City

Transitioning to Salt Lake City

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To apply for admission to the University of Utah Asia Campus please follow the application process outlined below. You must submit your application by the designated dates and deadlines, and pay all indicated fees to be considered for admission.


If you are not a U.S. citizen, studying at the Salt Lake City campus will require a student visa. It is important to plan ahead to ensure that your transition to the United States goes as smoothly as possible. Our expert university staff will be there to assist you with the process.


To initiate your immigration process, the University of Utah will issue you an I-20, which is a form certifying that you are eligible to be a student at our U.S. campus. In order to issue your I-20, we will require some information from you:
• A financial statement showing a minimum of $39,350 available in liquid assets ($43,925 for graduate students);
• A signed statement from any sponsor (parents, family members, or others) declaring that person’s intent to provide financial support for you;
• A copy of the first page of your current passport or national ID card.