Film and Media Arts

BA in Film and Media Arts


BA in Film and Media Arts


The B.A. in Film & Media Arts offers students the opportunity to examine closely the art form that defines our time through a series of courses covering the history, aesthetics, and criticism of the motion picture. Significant experience in film and video production is also a required element of the program. Students graduate with a solid foundation in both the theory and practice of film as an art form.

Cinema from around the world form the core of the course of study, lending the program an international lens through which to consider film not only as an expression of one’s own culture, but a means to understanding and experiencing others’. Beyond film, students explore animation, game design, and social media to understand how media of all types impacts people worldwide. Diverse curricular options have led our alumni to work in independent film, the entertainment industry, education, and myriad creative business enterprises. Influential alumni include Ed Catmull, co-founder and president of Pixar, and Lee Isaac Chung, award-winning filmmaker.

This degree program will focus on artistic and independent filmmaking in Korea, emphasizing international importance and participation at the Busan International Film Festival and other major festivals in Asia. A degree program on the University of Utah Asia Campus will


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