BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering


BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering is considered to be the oldest engineering field. Throughout history, Civil Engineers have designed and built facilities that have advanced civilization and provided for a higher standard of living. Civil Engineers have been building things since 2980 B.C. when the Egyptian pyramids were being built, to a more recent modern marvel of the Golden Gate Bridge that was the longest single-span (4,200 feet) bridge in the world in 1937. The civil engineering profession encompasses many of the most exciting areas in science, math, and technology today.

Civil and Environmental Engineers design, construct and maintain society's infrastructure - the highways, buildings, and water systems we use daily. The Civil & Environmental Engineering program employs scientific principles to serve society and applies modern technologies such as global positioning systems and geographic information systems to solve problems related to water resources, transportation, environment, or structure.

A Civil and Environmental Engineering degree will prepare students for areas in construction management, environmental conservation, transportation design and planning, earthquake engineering, disaster prevention, community development, surveying and mapping, and monitoring quality of air, water, and land. Many Civil & Environmental Engineers work internationally to improve the quality of life throughout the world.

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Rankings & Notable Facts

University of Utah graduates in E.E. and C.E. have some of the highest starting salaries among graduates from public universities in Utah for each major and are higher than the national average.

In 2011, the department surpassed $10 Million in research dollars (compared with $2.5 Million spent in 2005).

USTAR funded a $150 Million research center on campus as well as seven new outstanding junior and senior faculty members in the ECE department. USTAR collaborates with the University of Utah to create world-class research teams in strategic areas in engineering.