Computer Engineering

BS in Computer Engineering


BS In Computer Engineering

Our computer engineers are changing the way we interact with the world from computer circuitry, robotics, and innovative software coding. Our faculty have been highlighted in many news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Wired, CNET, IEEE Spectrum, Gizmag, Popular Science, and the MIT News Office. They also have been featured on television such as CNN, The Discovery Channel, FOX News, and KSL, as well as Scientific Reports.

Computer Engineering (CE) is the design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of computer-controlled equipment. Computer engineers have the advantage of understanding both software and hardware.


Notable Rankings/Remarks

  • Most affordable Pac-12 institution
  • Earn an additional Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship
    U of Utah Ranked No.1 for Entrepreneurship (LendEDU, 2016)
  • Small faculty to undergraduate student ratio – 1:8
  • Notable Alumni

  • Ed Catmul, Co-founder and President of Pixar Animation Studio
  • John Warnock, Co-founder of Adobe
  • James H. Clark, Creator of Netscape, one of the first web browsers
  • Nolan Bunshnell, Creator of Atari